Fully connected virtual and physical
perovskite photovoltaics lab

AAA+ pulsed solar simulator for modules IV including filters for speBBA steady-state solar simulator for modules - ©AIT/L. Scheidlctral response

AIT - PVS Lab - Tools for PV characterization reliability

  • Characterization and reliability tools for the accreditation tests of PV modules
  • Tools for PV deposition, characterization/reliability and development of thin film coatings 
View of CEA clean room facilities

CEA - PSK - Platform for SJ and PSK - Si tandem stability assessment

  • Realization, advanced characterization and optimization of single junction Perovskite (cell and modules, rigid and flexible) and tandem silicon/Perovskite cells
  • Encapsulation and stability/aging protocols vs standards and ISOS recommendation
  • Optical and Electrical modelling
EMIL (Energy Materials In Situ Lab)

HZB - EMIL – Energy Materials In-situ Laboratory Berlin

  • X-ray photoemission with excitation from 80 eV 10 keV photons
  • X-ray absorption in the soft and “tender” x-ray range
  • In-system sample treatments (e.g., heating, thin-film evaporation
HySprint core-lab - ©HZB/P. Dera

HZB - HySPRINT – Stability Lab

  • Ageing Tests under MPP-tracking
  • single-junction, modules and tandem
HySPRINT – Perovskite Database

HZB - HySPRINT – Perovskite Database

  • A mySQL-based database promoting OpenScience practices in the perovskite PV research community
  • Enabling literature research and dissemination/sharing of scientific data according to FAIR data principles
Long Pulse LED sun simulator

SOLPVLAB - Accredited PV Module testing Lab

  • EC Accredited PV Module testing Lab
  • State of the art equipment for the development and application of specific protocols to characterize photovoltaic devices based on organic or perovskite materials
  • Custom-made stabilization, aging and reliability testing based on approved standards.
Simulated EQE Processing of PSK solar cells

MODELAB – Modelling Capacity

Modelling and design of solar cells using TCAD Silvaco software, applied to:

  • Single and multijunction solar cells
  • Planar and textured devices
  • Customized material characteristics
CSEM/EPFL Sputtering/thermal evaporation system

EPFL/CSEM – PV Lab/PV Center (large area) PSK/Si tandem processing

  • Perovskite/silicon tandem processing
  • Vapor deposition of contacts, electrodes and perovskite precursors
  • Tandem characterization
IMEC - The Thin-film PV lab is located in the new Energyille building

IMEC - ThinFilm PV Lab

  • Processing line for perovskite modules up to 30x30cm2
  • Pk/Si tandem processing tools
  • Characterization and stability testing equipment
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°101006715